5 Ways To Stay In Good Health As An Entrepreneur

November 30, 2015

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5 Ways To Stay In Good Health As An Entrepreneur
Written by Nicole Alicia - http://nicolealiciawrites.com
Read by Henry reith, Fridge Magazine Editor

Going into the holiday season, a busy time of the year where we tend to forget about taking care of ourselves. It can be hard to stay in good health as an entrepreneur. So this maybe a good time to do a quick self-assessment before going into 2016.

It’s important to take care of yourself, mind and body, now more than ever!

You run a business, but you also may have others who depend on your right? Family, friends, clients and loved ones.

Sometimes things occur with our health that we have no control over. But we can also be proactive in our approach to our health by taking steps to try and prevent anything bad health wise from occurring. Unlike working in the corporate world where we can rely on several others to pick up the slack, we are mainly responsible for carrying the workload. Sick days or injuries can be a critical blow to an entrepreneur's business.

Here are things we can do as preventative measures so that we continue to keep doing what we love to do for years and years to come.

How To Stay In Good Health As An Entrepreneur


Picture of a woman holding a watermelon to show how Entrepreneurs can stay healthy by having a good diet

I get it; you love what you do daily, so do I! But don’t love it so much that you so wrapped up in your work and you forget to feed yourself. And no I’m not talking just a snack, you must stop what you’re doing for meals.

We can’t forget, that our bodies depend on food for fuel. So make sure you stock your fridge with extra good healthy snacks.

Oh, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water, staying hydrated is key to a healthy mind and body as water helps cleanse our system of toxins... [Cont.]

View full article: http://www.fridgemagazine.com/peak-performance/5-ways-to-stay-in-good-health-as-an-entrepreneur/

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