Mike Kilcoyne - The ART of Writing & Just Embracing The Suck

January 7, 2016

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In this episode of FridgeCast, we drive into the process of embracing the suck. So for this episode, we have written expert Mike Kilcoyne (@mikekilcoyne), creator of the Embrace The Suck.

Mike is the go-to expert for everything real and raw in the journey of startups and entrepreneurship. His hard-hitting articles and his willingness to take on any subject have made him one of the most viewed contributors on Quora and authority on mind management.

During this chat with Mike I dive into many subjects from how the education system is surviving the ‘startup-minded person.’ The good and evil of all failure plus the steps to get back on track instantly. And he reveals his process of writing A.R.T. I hope you enjoy my chat with Mike about all thing Embrace The Suck related.

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Show Links

Mike's Article on Why Entrepreneurs Commit Suicide & Why “It’s A Startup” Is Bulls**t.

IA Writer the app Mike uses to write all of his articles and stories in


Connect with Mike:
www.justembracethesuck.com | @mikekilcoyne

Show Notes

[07:44] "All you have when you are starting out is the truth."

[12:13] Why Mike things he should have had more changes to fail

[17:31] Is college setting us for positive failure?

[22:52] How having the facts can help Mike deal with situations

[24:04] How Mike goes about writing ART

[30:25] How Mike harnesses his inner emotions in a creative way

[34:07] The one 'thing' that inspires Mike every day.

Thank you for listening. I look forward to catching you on another episode of FridgeCast.

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